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Jekyll rebuild for DSGVO

The DSGVO (GDPR) is coming. The internet will stop to exist. At least the internet we knew here in Germany. All other european countries were able to read the paper in time to take care of those changes. Germany didn’t and now we have to make sure that no lawyer will sue us for storing cookies on your computer, to track your clicks on our sites and try to figure out what might be of most interest.

To make sure that I don’t have to spent the money I save for my kids’ education in their future, I removed everything that stores anything. This website/domain does not store any data at all from you. Nor from anybody else. I used to use etracker to know every week I have 2 visitors and 4 pages views. For this I had to send cookies to make sure I might remember you if you would ever return one day. As I don’t write something new here, I don’t see the point in doing so any longer anyway.

The webserver running this site had an access log where I stored your ip addresses. I don’t do this anymore. What for?

But to make sure that my static sites are not changed by a man-in-the-middle attack I renew the ssl certificate every now and then. If you would send some information/data to my websites it would be encrypted, too. But you can’t, because I don’t care. And I don’t save any of it.

So, let’s make this clear one last time: this is a private and personal website that does not make any profit at all out of it and which does not store any data of it’s visitors and readers.

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