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Just a few years…

It’s been a while since I wrote in my blog… almost four years.

A few days ago I went to I have no idea why, but I also remembered my login data and there it was: my old blog I used to write in. Not too regularly, but almost once per month and sometimes even twice per day.

But then I became a father - twice - and switched the job and moved and married and … that’s it I guess. But fact is, I haven’t been crawling the web that much in that time and only coded for the money and not for the fun of it.

Because I did not use the blog anymore and did not find the time to answer comments on that old “Oracle on an iBook” article anymore (and I did not own the iBook anymore, too), I removed the blog from my webspace and never thought I might read a word I wrote into it ever again.

I don’t want to migrate the data back here and continue. This is a new blog, right now with a basic theme, as there is not too much content at the moment to have it distributed over and over a again in zillons of categories or pages.  And I will write in  english again, too, as I can’t imagine writing about tech stuff in german.

The tweets below will be in german. Might not be the best idea, but I don’t care.

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