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Don’t look back in anger¹

The Quest is over. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I have been looking for an alternative to’ bookmarking service, because they new guys running it wanted to rebuild it without keeping the old version available as well.

I found one. As already mentioned in the previous post, I have been thinking about giving pinboard a try. I have been afraid to spent money on a service I am not able to test anyhow upfront, but because there did not seem any good alternatives around I hadn’t checked already… what are my opportunities?

I signed up for about $10 a few weeks ago as far as I can tell at the moment, pinboard is the best alternative to the not-longer-available service of (sigh!) If you are looking for a service like delicious used to be (i.e. working), you might want to give pinboard a try, too.²

¹ “Schiller’s Reel: Don’t Look Back In Anger

² No, I don’t get any money for telling you this.

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