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Welcome to my new home. I moved.

Why? - I am working on a little tool, written in Ruby, to collect interesting articles on Twitter. To do so, I need to let the tool run on a server which is online 24/7. But when I tried to run my Ruby program at my old webspace hosters server I noticed that not only Ruby but the Rubygems where totally outdated. I chose the hosting because it was a special Ruby and Rails hosting. Yeah, right.

Here I have all my Ruby stuff installed by myself, so there will be everything I need. And while I am at it, I started to move this blog, too. I read Blogging like a hacker a while ago and wanted to try Jekyll since. At the moment these pages look very much like those from Tom Preston-Werner. I used his public repository to start with Jekyll. To migrate my old Wordpress blog to Jekyll I used a nice tool written in Python called exitwp. But I had to do some manual tweaks in the migrated markdown files, because I did not want to keep the old Wordpress categories.

One feature I really liked about Jekyll (or maybe static page generators in general) is the ability to push a git repository to deploy your website on the server. I used the post-receive skript from the wiki pages, but had to source ~/.bash_profile to be able to use my Ruby and Gems installed via RVM.

So, right now, I have the basic functionality here. Now I can write posts (and I really hope, that I will do that more often) and create my own blog layout when I am in the mood (I don’t like design, CSS and stuff like that very much).

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