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Seriously, when shall I …?

Welcome back. I wasn’t sure if you were coming. It’s been quite a long time.
But seriously, I really don’t know how all people manage to keep up with all these things in life. When I read other’s people blogs I am always stunned what they seem to be able to handle in there spare time.
Maybe I am wrong, but I reckon that most have full-time jobs about 8 hours/day. And they have to get there and have to take a break at lunch. So alreay 9-10 hours per day are gone. Further I guess that they eat in the morning and sometime before they go to sleep. Let’s calculate an hour for these meals. 11 hours gone.
Doctors will tell you that you should sleep at least 7 hours per day …err night, better 8. What is left then are about 5 hours per day not assuming that you have to work overtime very much or do any sports after work. But maybe you have a friend or a family you would like to spent time with? No? Fine. But all the others only have an hour or two per day left where they can

If you are like me, you want to do all these things. And this is where I get into trouble. I only have time for one of these things, because switching activities within the week leads to distraction and no real result. Aside from listening to music maybe.

This post was written on 2015/10/04 and never finished. I guess because I ran out of free time. I only found it now under drafts, because I was planning to revamp my blog and start blogging more often than in the last few years. That is why it will be released with all the other changes made.

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